Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission

Faculty: BINUS Online Learning Study Program: Accounting




To become a leading undergraduate Accounting Distance Learning Study Program that produces professional accountants with business skill, data science analysis, and applied information technology (IT) expertise with a continuing commitment to fostering and empowering communities


The mission of Accounting Distance Learning Study Program is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:

  1. Educating binusian from the basic skills accounting knowledge toward to analysis data science (financial and non-financial), business practices and applied information technology to prepare graduates to become professional accountants in a variety of industries and prepare them to pursue advanced degrees in accounting, finance, or related disciplines;
  2. Guiding binusian through impactful and internationally recognized research in accounting to solve problems in communities.
  3. Fostering Binusian through independent and sustainable enrichment.
  4. Empowering the community by Binusians through community service activities.
  5. Connsistently applying the new Accounting Science that is aligned with the industry needs in multidiscipline view