Welcome to Accounting

This program is intended for students who are planning to work as a Professional Accountant with curriculum to provide skills in business and information technology. The curriculum in this program based on the trend of global accounting education curriculum established by the International Federation of Accountants in the form of International Education Standard. This curriculum also refers to International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), which is used across the enterprise in the world to prepare financial statements. The courses offered also refers to the certification of the Professional Accountant (Chartered Accountant-CA).

The online learning in the Accounting Study Program provides convenience and flexibility for students to be able to interact with lecturers to gain knowledge and discuss accounting materials. Students will also be able to build relationships with other fellow students anytime, anywhere. Lecturers have background in accounting education and has professional experience in accounting area which provides a learning experience and broad insight for students in the workplace. Binus Online Learning is information technology-based learning that makes learning activities easier and more flexible. Students can easily download learning materials, teaching videos and discuss with their lecturers and colleagues by accessing Learning Management System (LMS). This online learning method is perfect for professional or entrepreneurial workers and even housewives who want to continue their studies in Accounting without being limited by time and place.