Graduate Competency

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1. Able to formulate the management functions (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and also evaluating) at the operational level in various types of organizations.
  2. Able to execute organizational functions (marketing, operations, human resources, finance, and strategy) at the operational level in various types of organizations.
  3. Able to identify the managerial problems and organizational functions at the operational level, and take appropriate action based on the developed alternative solution, by applying entrepreneurial principles that rooted in local wisdom.
  4. Able to contribute in arranging the organization’s strategic plan and spell out the strategic plans into the organization’s operational plan at the functional level
  5. Able to understand and implement the appropriate managerial decisions in various types of organizations at the operational level, based on the data analysis and information on business functions.
  6. Able to perform the empirical studies and modelling using scientific methods on the various types of organizations based on the organizational functions
  7. Able to communicate the cross-function and level organization effectively
  8. Able to utilize the information and communication technology in developing global business competencies
  9. Able to apply a critical thinking on current business management case using the economic science and quantitative business
  10. Able to apply an integrated marketing and business strategies in a global business environment