Course Structure for Binusian 2026 (D3-S1)


Group Course SCU
MKK ISYS6697035 Information System Concept 4
ACCT6174035 Introduction to Financial Accounting 4
COMP6598035 Introduction to Programming 4
ISYS6300035 Business Process Fundamental 4
ISYS6698035 Introduction to Data and Information Management 4
Total SCU 20
Cumulative SCU 20


Group Course SCU
MPK CHAR6019035 Character Building: Pancasila 2
MKK ISYS6699035 Information Systems Analysis and Design 4
ISYS6310035 Information Systems Project Management 4
MKB ISYS6701035 User Experience Research and Design 4
LANG6031035 Indonesian 2
ENTR6081035 Entrepreneurship 4
Total SCU 20
Cumulative SCU 40


Group Course SCU
MKB ISYS6700035 Technology Infrastructure and System Implementation 4
Enrichment Program 20
Total SCU 24
Cumulative SCU 64

  Student will take one of enrichment program tracks. See enrichment appendix for the tracks detail


Group Course SCU
MPK CHAR6020035 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2
MKB ISYS6515035 Research Methods in Information Systems 4
ISYS6327035 Thesis 6
Total SCU 12
Cumulative SCU 76