About Business Management Program


Business Management program teaches basic knowledge of economic and management areas such as Micro and Macroeconomics, Marketing, Global Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, and Operations.  This curriculum provides opportunity and develop student’s analytical skill with knowledge include Retail and Merchandising, International Business, E- Corporate, Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation. Business Management program prepares students for a career in the business world and become an entrepreneur with managerial thinking.

Vision & Mission


To become a world-class Distance Learning Management Study Program in 2035 in international business management, entrepreneurship, and digital business with a continuous commitment to fostering and empowering communities.


  1. Developing BINUSIAN competence and expertise through Management Science, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Business with the concept of online learning and awarding excel BINUSIAN.
  2. Guiding BINUSIAN through research in Business Management Science and enrichment of technology development, which impacts business, society, and the nation.
  3. Fostering BINUSIAN to continue to develop knowledge through independent and sustainable enrichment.
  4. Empowering the society and partner community by BINUSIAN through creative economy development.
  5. Consistently applying novel Management Science aligned with human resources needs in the industry (multidisciplinary perspective).



Based on our belief in God, our passion for education, and our view of a bright future, we are committed to developing the nation and to building a global community through education and technology.

This commitment is reflected in the values of Bina Nusantara, which become the guidance of our actions:

Striving for excellence

We continuously do our best to achieve high quality results in every aspect of our work


We stay calm, focused, never give up, and quickly recover in overcoming challenges


We are honest, transparent, sincere, and courageous in doing the right thing


We Care for others; we value differences and contributions from every individual


We encourage creative, breakthrough, and sustainable ideas to continuously improve processes in order to achieve better results


We believe in the importance of collaborative, effective, and trustful working relationships as one team


Program Objective

  1. Provide students with basic knowledge of Business Management and Economics that applicable in practical work.
  2. Provide integrated expertise in business management science, information technology, and superior research related to business problems through a multidisciplinary approach.
  3. Develop managerial skills through independent and continuous learning.
  4. Continuously motivate BINUSIAN to be active in community service activities.
  5. Fostering BINUSIAN to become creative entrepreneurs and change agents equipped with knowledge and expertise in global business management.

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1. Able to formulate the management functions (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and also evaluating) at the operational level in various types of organizations.
  2. Able to execute organizational functions (marketing, operations, human resources, finance, and strategy) at the operational level in various types of organizations.
  3. Able to identify the managerial problems and organizational functions at the operational level, and take appropriate action based on the developed alternative solution, by applying entrepreneurial principles that rooted in local wisdom.
  4. Able to contribute in arranging the organization’s strategic plan and spell out the strategic plans into the organization’s operational plan at the functional level.
  5. Able to understand and implement the appropriate managerial decisions in various types of organizations at the operational level, based on the data analysis and information on business functions.
  6. Able to perform the empirical studies and modelling using scientific methods on the various types of organizations based on the organizational functions.
  7. Able to communicate the cross-function and level organization effectively.
  8. Able to utilize the information and communication technology in developing global business competencies.
  9. Able to apply a critical thinking on current business management case using the economic science and quantitative business.
  10. Able to apply an integrated marketing and business strategies in a global business environment.

Prospective Career

With the above-mentioned skills and knowledge, the Business Management graduate is able to follow a career in:

  • Entrepreneur/Wirausaha yang berwawasan strategi bisnis dan teknologi informasi.
  • Chief Operational Officer pada korporasi/perusahaan.
  • Konsultan Manajemen Strategi/bisnis global.
  • Manajer yang berorientasi e-Bisnis.
  • Manajer pada hampir semua bidang industri (manufaktur, jasa, transportasi, retail, perbankan).
  • Manajer HRD, Marketing, Accounting, Finance pada korporasi/perusahaan multinasional.
  • Business researcher/developer pada industri perbankan, asuransi, jasa keuangan, perhotelan, dan berbagai industri lainnya.
  • Project and Development Manager.


Team of Management Study Program
Head of Management Study Program Dr. Hartiwi Prabowo, S.E., M.M.
Deputy Head of Program Dr. Yuniarty, S.E., M.M.S.I.
Enrichment Program Coordinator Rini Kurnia Sari, S.E., M.E.
OLC Business Strategy & Development Stefanus Rumangkit, S.E., M.Sc
OLC Global Business Management Dr. Lianna Wijaya A.Md., S.E., MMSI
OLC Foundation of Business Management Dr. Ir. Teguh Sriwidadi, M.M.
Lecturer Specialist – S2 – Foundation of Business Management Christopher Joshua Leksana, S.M., M.M.